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About V-Kran


The clever design makes the V-Kran safe to operate and durable

When you choose a V-Kran you get a well thought out technique. In our workshop we aim to be the leader of product development combined with a long-term financial choice for the customer. 

V-Kran is a entire Swedish crane, developed by industry-savvy engineers based on your needs as a customer.

You quickly learn to operate a V-Kran 

  • The clever design makes the V-Kran safe to operate and durable 
  • Makes your day more efficient and powerful 
  • Gives you a greater productivity 
  • Built to serve your needs 24/7

V-kran is developed and manufactured by the company Forest Technology Group (FTG).

Forest Technology Group (FTG) was formed in 2005 and consists of two companies with products for harvesting and transporting forest materials; FTG Cranes and FTG Baltic. FTG is a subsidiary of Bruks Siwertell Group. 

FTG Cranes has it’s headquarter in Bäckefors, Sweden where you will also find our production. FTG Cranes develops, manufactures and markets three strong brands; Mowi and Moheda for forest trailers and V-Kran for timber cranes. In the Swedish market FTG Cranes also offers TP Chisels and Naarva Grips.

At FTG Cranes we are very proud of our three, strong brands, Mowi, Moheda and V-Kran. All brands are filled with history and has a respected reputation. They have been built by hard-working entrepreneurs where both innovation and customer needs were in focus. We have brought this into FTG.

We are the market leader for forest trailers in Scandinavia and an important player in total for small and large cranes in Europe. Many of our customers are forest owners, entrepreneurs or self-employed forest owners across Europe. All our products are developed, manufactured and tested in Sweden. 

FTG Cranes has been a member of Machine Suppliers since 2008-06-01. 

FTG Cranes is a subsidiary of Bruks Siwertell Group AB, a world leader in the construction and manufacture of bulk material handling equipment. Bruks Group delivers specialized customer solutions that include the development of customized machines and systems. This includes project design, technical support, commissioning including training as well as machine service with remote control of machine functions.