FTG | FOREST - quality and design for modern forestry

FTG Baltic is a manufacturing company founded in year 1994 and situated in Vilnius. The company is one of the first manufacturers of forestry equipment in the Baltic States and particularly in Lithuania. Through long-term work in this field, FTG Baltic UAB has successfully combined Swedish know-how, experience and quality with competitive production possibilities in Lithuania.

Today the company offers a wide range of forest trailers, cranes, road graders, grapples, winches and other accessories under well-known brand names such as FTG | KÄLLEFALL and FTG | FOREST. Everything is produced in a state-of-the-art production facility. Carefully selected materials and components meet the high requirements of the customers and together with specialists who have a focus on quality are two other cornerstones for assured product quality.

The quality management of FTG Baltic UAB is characterized by latest criteria. The classification company Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS has certified the company according to the most recent quality management system requirements EN ISO 9001: 2015 in the scope of design, assembly and developement of forestry equipment and its accessories.

Today, FTG Baltic UAB is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of forestry equipment, providing goodvalue, high-quality and flexible equipment for forest owners. Most products are exported to European and Scandinavian markets, where they make a huge contribution to safe and efficient forestry. 

FTG Baltic JSC is owned by FTG Cranes AB (Sweden), which is one of Europe's leading manufacturer of timber trailers and cranes. FTG Cranes AB manufactures and sells a wide range of unique timber transportation products well known under "Mowi", "Moheda" and "V-Kran" brand names. 

FTG Cranes AB is a member of BRUKS Group which since September 2006 belongs to JCE Group of Companies.

Mowi - forest trailers with unique parallel cranes.

Moheda - forest trailers produced for already 50 years.

V-Kran - cranes for timber trucks and recycling.