FTG | FOREST - quality and design for modern forestry


FTG Baltic is one of the first companies, used to establish manufacturing of forestry equipment in Baltic states and particularly in Lithuania in 1994. Due to long term work in this field, we have successfully combined Swedish experience and quality with competitive production possibilities in Lithuania. Today we manufacture and sell a wide range of products like forest trailers and cranes, road graders, grapples, winches and other accessories, all known under FTG|Forest and FTG|Källefall brand names.

FTG Baltic has provided good-value, quality and flexible forest equipment for nearly 20 years.

FTG Baltic CJSC is owned by FTG Cranes AB (Sweden), which is one of Europe's leading manufacturer of timber trailers and cranes.  FTG Cranes AB manufactures and sells a wide range of unique timber transportation products well known under "Mowi", "Moheda" and "V-Kran" brand names. 

FTG Cranes AB is a member of BRUKS Group which since September 2006 belongs to JCE Group of Companies.

Mowi - forest trailers with unique parallel cranes.

Moheda - forest trailers produced for already 50 years.

V-Kran - cranes for timber trucks and recycling.